Include Your Customers in Your Content and Grow Your Business



The customer is the heart of any business and a customer can also contribute to helping you grow your customer base. The way it can be achieved is by adding your customer to your content.

Peer-to-Peer marketing is about fully partnering with your network of happy customers to assist with referrals, social selling, and thought leadership.B2B purchases are influenced by word of mouth from industry peers. The best way to benefit on this is by including your customer in your content marketing strategy.

There are numerous ways we can include customers in content marketing strategy. Let‘s discuss the best ways

Customer Case Studies
Case studies provide the most compelling way to share with your audience how their industry peers have overcome similar challenges with your solution in a relatable story. Storytelling can have a profound impact on the decisions.

Go Live on Social Media
Live streaming offers a fresh, exciting, and cost-effective way to engage with your target audience. Live streaming provides a new level of transparency, trust, and authenticity.  Incorporate live streaming through Q&As, live events, interviews, announcements.

Promote Self-Recorded Video Content
Similar to that of a live stream, self-recorded video content is another way to enrich your customer community online. Video submission is a new and fun approach to excite the customers to respond.

Gather As Many Quotes As Possible
Customer quotes enrich the content our marketing team comes out with and they can be included everywhere right from sales slide decks to social media.

Open Your Blog to Customers
Blogs provide a great platform to share new ideas, perspectives and grow a community.the customer base is a rich pool of knowledge incorporate customer blogging and a robust guest blogging program. Customers may contribute their great piece of thought leadership to your blog. Blogging can be a relatively low budget channel to reach out to customers to write a blog about a particular pain point that they have.

Feature Customers on Webinars
Similar to customer blogging, customer webinar series is a neat way to feature customers as guests and inviting them to speak on topics they are well versed in. It is a great way for your customers to share how they find success using your platform, or their point of view. Giving a voice to the content adds a new dimension of credibility, which cannot be portrayed in written content mediums.

Peer-to-Peer marketing is the best ever solution to one of the greatest marketing challenges to decide on what message will truly resonate with the audience.

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